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Marc Moens

After obtaining a PhD in Cognitive Science and Linguistics, Marc worked as a research fellow at the University of Edinburgh. He started and ran its Language Technology Group for 10 years. The remit of the group was to extend basic research results in an application-oriented direction.

His personal R&D interests were concerned with most areas of document management, including annotation standards like XML, text classification, information extraction, and text summarization. Marc has published widely in these areas, in technical and academic journals and books.

He left the University to co-found Rhetorical Systems, a text-to-speech company, and became its CEO. In 2001, Pentech became one of Rhetorical’s investors. Rhetorical soon became a market leader in high-quality text-to-speech, with sales across Europe and the US. In December 2004 Rhetorical was sold to a US-based speech company.

After the sale of Rhetorical, Marc decided to spend more time with his family and help his children with their homework and piano practice. They soon encouraged him to seek full-time employment again. In 2008, Marc joined the Pentech team. Full-time.

Portfolio Responsibility

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Themes of Interest

Semantic web, search, information extraction, text analytics, language and speech processing, computer-mediated collaboration, innovative UI approaches