Enigmatec Provides Technology to Enhance Unisys Secure Cloud Computing Offering


Enigmatec’s EMS solution is part of the core infrastructure of the new Unisys Secure Cloud Solution

Enigmatec Corporation Limited, the leader in enterprise data center automation today announced that it has signed an agreement with Unisys (NYSE: UIS) for Unisys to use Enigmatec’s run book automation software to power a key infrastructure component of the Unisys Secure Cloud Solution. Enigmatec’s Execution Management System (EMS) run book automation software serves as the foundation for Unisys uOrchestrate™ solutions. Unisys uOrchestrate helps power the real-time infrastructure supporting Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, which enables enterprise clients to securely move conventional business applications – including those with secure or sensitive data – into a managed, shared cloud service without costly, time-consuming rewrites or other alterations.

Based on changes in the business environment, Unisys uOrchestrate software allocates IT resources dynamically to applications and users that need them while continually monitoring service levels to keep business performance on target.

“By using uOrchestrate as the foundation for IT resource allocation in Unisys Secure Cloud Solution, we can give clients faster access to IT resources in the cloud to support their most important business processes,” said Sam Gross, vice president, Global IT Outsourcing Solutions, Unisys. “In this way, Enigmatec EMS software helps our clients more easily realize the operational and economic benefits of secure cloud computing.”

Enigmatec’s run book automation software – the underlying technology for the award winning Execution Management System (EMS) – automates the management and control of complex IT processes. By linking together the IT management, provisioning and support tools customers rely on today, and providing a powerful distributed workflow platform in which to design and deploy new workflows for IT operations, Enigmatec delivers run book automation – the integration and orchestration of IT teams’ daily operational tasks and procedures.

“We are very excited that Unisys has chosen Enigmatec for part of their innovative Secure Cloud Solution,” said Peter O’Neill, CEO of Enigmatec. “The benefits of IT process automation in the corporate enterprise data center are well established. This same automation technology is now equally as critical in delivering cloud computing offerings both reliably and cost-effectively.”