RotoGrinders on Fanduel and the future of Daily Fantasy Sports


Daily fantasy sports site RotoGrinders takes a look at how the game, and Fanduel in particular, is on the verge of “tipping” and spreading socially:

“I can tell you that last year, I had no idea what Fanduel was. Now this summer, when I started my football research, all I saw online were banner ads for Fanduel. When I was in the car, sports stations advertised freerolls for Fanduel. And when I went to my research sites, they now included info for pricing on Fanduel. It was like the Fanduel mothership had landed on my home. And still, as of Week 12 in the NFL, less than 1 in 5 of the guys who play in my fantasy leagues are DFS players. I think that by next football season that percentage will have changed dramatically. …”